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Jazz, Blues and Soul: Music That Speaks to the Heart

The above three genres may not be the songs you hear playing every day on popular channels, but when they play, they strike a different chord. These are genres with a classical touch and acoustic value that sets them apart from most modern tunes.

They have some shared qualities, and yet they are strikingly unique individually. Here's a look at each one of them.


Jazz is a music genre with an African-American connection that dates back to the turn of the 20th century in New Orleans. It took root from blues and another style known as ragtime. Due to its prominent use of instruments, it also takes an element of military music from Europe. This is also observed in parts of its "call and response structure" as well as self-expression.
Heres a look at a brief Jazz history from YouTube.


The oldest of the three genres, Blues music, has been taking shape since the 1870s. It drew a lot from work songs, spirituals, and ballads. The genre has an equal focus on both lyrics and instrumentation. The Blues was and continues to be used to press deep emotion, with themes changing according to the times, e.g. oppression, love, and activism.


This is the youngest genre of the three and borrows heavily from the other two. It was born in the 1960s and gained widespread popularity in the 70s. Its main difference is that it is faster paced and usually gets accompanied by dancing.

Jazz, Blues and Soul make for excellent ambient music. Whether you're cooking, relaxing on the terrace, or checking out the latest online games on, having these music genres running in the background may do wonders when it comes to lifting your mood!